Hiking Gear

Hiking Gear

Hiking Gear

Whether you’re a spontaneous hiker, you enjoy a day of hiking in a state park, or you like to go all out with overnight camping hikes, Barnes Store has everything you need to make your next Hike a blast!

Nothing reminds us of all that nature has to offer quite like a well-planned hike. If it’s been years since you’ve hit the trails, you’re long overdue! At your neighborhood Barnes Store, we have all the Hiking Gear you need to make your next excursion truly memorable. Regardless of your ambition level this hiking season, from Appalachian Trail experts to backyard hiking enthusiasts, your Carrollton, GA Barnes Store has all the hiking gear you need to help make this season’s great adventure the best hiking excursion you and your friends ever had.

Hiking Clothing - Warm Weather

It’s easy to underestimate the clothing you’re going to wear on a warm weather hike, especially if it’s a single-day hike. Barnes Store can help you be truly prepared.

Hiking Clothing - Cold Weather

Your Cold Weather hiking clothing needs to be as warm as necessary, while still being flexible, breathable, and moisture wicking. See what Barnes has for you!

Hiking Boots

All it takes is one good hike in a pair or tennis shoes to let you know you need a new pair of specially crafted Hiking Boots. Barnes is famous for boots!

Water and Hydration

Modern advancements have given Hikers a lot more options to stay hydrated on the trails. From shatter-proof bottles to advanced filtering systems, Barnes Store has everything you need.

Sun Safety

Though you may feel shaded from the sun, it’s important to practice good Sun Safety when you’re hiking. From Sunscreen and Lip Balm, to SPF Clothing and Sunglasses, Barnes has it all.


Studies have shown that the best way to keep from getting lost in the woods is to not get lost in the woods. Barnes Store has the trail navigation gear you need find and keep your bearings.

First Aid

When you’re excited about your next big Hiking Trip, First Aid is quite often the last thing you think about. But it shouldn’t be. Barnes Store has First Aid Hiking Gear.

Lights & Batteries

You’ve never seen darkness quite like the darkness in the middle of the woods when your flashlights go out. Keep the lights on with Lights & Batteries from Barnes.


You’ve spent all day on the trail, and now it’s time to make camp for the night. Do you have what it takes to start a fire in the middle of the woods? Barnes can help!


Knives, Swiss Army Knives, Multi-Tools, Leatherman Multi-Tools, Filet Knives, Hatchets, Machetes, Saws, Poop Shovels, Fire-Starters, Climbing Gear, Cookwear, Fishing Poles, Compasses, Survival Kits. Yep. We got Tools. So take a hike.


If you’ve ever underestimated what a rogue bear can do to you, don’t. Keep your food locked up tight, don’t leave cuts unattended, and for the love of everything, GET SOME BEAR SPRAY! Barnes has other safety stuff for hiking, too.


Even if you plan on catching your dinner from local waterways, you should always pack accessible, edible food for your day hikes or overnight hikes. Experts suggest packing 1 full extra day of food.


Barnes Store has an incredible selection of Backpacks for your next Hiking Trip. Camping Backpacks, water filtration backpacks, camera packs, packs with child carriers, we have it all! Come see our selection, today!


Whether you need protection from Bugs, or you’re prone to break out from Poison Oak, it’s important to know how to prevent these attacks, and what to do if you get stung, bit, or infected. Get what you need from Barnes Store!