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Rods & Reels

If you love Fishing, you know you need a new, top of the line fishing rod and reel. West Georgia residents have been getting their Rods & Reels from Barnes Store for years. And you can too!

The Carrollton Barnes Store has been synonymous with sporting goods and the Southern way of life since the very beginning. Perhaps no other activity exemplifies both of those principles quite like Fishing. If you grew up in the Western Georgia area, you likely grew up going fishing. Whether you preferred big river casting, deep sea excursions, big lake fishing, or you’ve always enjoyed fishing in our many local streams, creeks, and ponds, fishing is part of the Southern way of life. When you get the itch to fish, Barnes Store has everything you need to outfit yourself or the whole family! Get out of the house, and enjoy the great outdoors with your new Fishing Gear from the Carrollton Barnes Store.

Barnes Store carries all the different types of Rods and Reels you need, from all the brands you trust, at prices you’ll be ecstatic about! Whether you just need a new fishing rod, you want to try another fishing reel, or you’re just looking for an easy-to-use fishing combo for yourself or the kids, Barnes Store has everything you need! If you’re new to fishing, or you just like to talk shop, our fishing experts are always happy to talk about the latest trends, where the fish are biting, or any other fishing topic you want to know more about. There’s no better day to be out on the water than today, so come on down to Barnes Store, or check out our online inventory of Fishing Gear, including your favorite Rods & Reels.

Spinning Rods

Great for beginners, spinning rods are built with a spooling system that helps keep your line from tangling in the reel. Also good for light baits, and for fishing in open waters.

Casting Rods - Baitcasting Rods

Typically the Rod of choice for Bass Fishers, Casting Rods and Baitcasting Rods tend to be a little longer than Spinning Rods, can handle a heavier gauge line, and can be very accurate.

Trolling Rods

If you’re going after really big fish, or you’re going on a boating expedition, you might need a new trolling rod. Barnes Store has all the Trolling Rods you need to catch the big one!

Fly Rods - Fly Fishing Reels

An artform to master, Fly Fishing can be one of the most entrancing, relaxing forms of fishing. Barnes Store has your new Fly Rod ready and waiting! Come get it today!

Saltwater Rods - Saltwater Reels

If you’re venturing down to the coast this season, come pick up a Saltwater Rod from Barnes. Perfectly made for ocean and gulf fishing, Saltwater Rods are hard to beat!

Youth Combos

Do you have a young, rising angler at home? Reward their present and future awesomeness with a fun, new Youth Rod & Reel Combo that’s specially made for them!

Spinning Reels

If open-faced fun is your idea of fishing, come on down to Barnes Store and get yourself a brand new spinning reel!

Baitcasting Reels

Baitcasting Reels can take a while to get the hang of, but once you’ve got it, you can enjoy more accuracy and control than any other standard reel.

Conventional Reels

The term “Conventional Reels” is typically applied to Saltwater Reels, High-Speed Reels, or Heavy-Duty Reels. Barnes Store has them all!

Spincast Reels

If you grew up fishing as a child, it’s very likely that the first reel you ever used was a Spincast Reel. From Zebco 202 Reels, to more advanced Spincast Reels, Barnes has it all!


From Moderate Speed Reels all the way to Extra Fast, and every speed in between, Barnes Store has the speed action you need on the Fishing Reels you want this season!


Barnes Store is an equal-handed opportunity Fishing Reel supplier. That’s why we have left-handed reels, right-handed reels, and Left/Right interchangeable reels.