Outdoor Gear for Work - Cold Weather Gear

If you need Cold Weather Gear that’s comfortable and flexible enough for Work

The only thing that’s really predictable about Southern Weather is the fact that it’s largely unpredictable. It’s one thing to fight the cold when you run from your car to your office building. It’s quite another to be exposed to the elements, all day, every day. If you work outside, and you need Cold Weather Gear or Outdoor Gear for Work, Barnes Store has you covered! We have all your favorite styles and types of Cold Weather and Outdoor Gear for Work, from all your favorite brands, at prices and selection that you’ll tell your work buddies about.

If you have to do real work outside, in harsh conditions, you know that having clothing that moves along with you is almost as important as having clothing that keeps you warm. If you’re dressed like a marshmallow, it’s much more difficult to frame a house, fix a car, carry shingles up a ladder, or do pretty much any other real work in cold weather conditions. Barnes Store carries all the Outdoor and Work Clothing you want, from outdoor clothing specialists like Carhartt, Dickies, Walls, CAT, Timberland, DRI DUCK, Wolverine, Arborwear, Columbia, North Face, Drake Waterfowl, Patagonia, HUK, Under Armour, and so much more! Stop by our Carrollton, GA store to stock up on Cold Weather Gear and Outdoor Gear for Work, or check out our online inventory!

Work Jackets

If you need a new Work Jacket, you know you need freedom of movement, ruggedness, and warmth. Barnes Store has your new Work Jacket! From Carhartt to Columbia, and everything in between.

Long-Sleeve Work Shirts

When the days get cooler, wetter, or you need to protect your bare arms from the elements, Barnes Store has all the Long-Sleeve Work Shirts you need. Rugged. Thick. Thin. We have them all.

Short-Sleeve Work Shirts

For easier layering, and increased mobility, some folks prefer Short Sleeved Work Shirts. Whether you need base layers, or you just like working with your guns blazing, Barnes Store has your next work shirt.

Work Coats

For a thicker solution to your Cold Weather Gear needs, Barnes Store carries an array of high-quality, warm, rugged work coats. The brands you trust, at prices you’ll love.


When you’re working out in the seasonal elements, a Work Hoodie can make all the difference. Available in traditional hoodie styles and as an addition to work jackets and coats.

Work Vests

A good work vest is a great addition to your outdoor workwear collection. Seal it up to stay warm, while enjoying unrestricted arm movement. Get your new Work Vest!

Work Pants

9 out of 10 people surveyed said they prefer wearing pants while working outdoors in wintertime. That’s right. There’s always at least one weirdo. Don’t be a weirdo. Wear work pants.

Work Gloves

From ski gloves and waterproof gloves to traditional work gloves, Barnes Store has all the outdoor and cold weather gloves you need to keep your hands warm and dry.

Work Hats

From rugged caps to warm-weather beanies, Barnes Store has the work hats you need for every season, and every work condition. Come get a new lid today!

Coveralls & Overalls

With the added advantage of never having to pull your pants up, Work Coveralls and Overalls can add comfort, reliability, and extra time! Come get a pair for this season!

Base Layers

The key to weather the elements is layering. If you work outside, you know how the weather can fluctuate during the course of a work day. Layer up with new gear from Barnes!

Specialty Gear

Barnes Store carries all the speciality work clothing you need for seasonal work outdoors, including waterproof, Flame Resistant, and Highly Visibility Work Clothes.