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Men's Underwear

Barnes Store gets it. You're a man. You're not high-maintenance. Your underwear needs to be comfortable. It's a bonus if it's clean. And breathable. And durable. But mostly, comfortable.

If the Clothes Make the Man, then Men's Underwear is the Foundation. Get Yours from Barnes Store!

If you subscribe to the Holes-Make-It-Holy Theory of men's underwear, you might need to re-think things. A comfortable pair of Men's Draws can be the difference between having an awesome work day or hunting trip, and hating life. So throw away your Not-so-Holy Holey Underwear and stock up on the Men's Underwear that will change your life from the inside out! If you grew up thinking that a worn-out pair of Whitey Tighties were enough to cut the mustard, you were probably also raised to think possum is pretty good eating if you fry it up just right. The fact is, whitey tighties, cheap novelty boxers from the 80s, or whatever other worn-out Men's Underwear you've been sporting could be ruining your day. If you're still putting up with old, uncomfortable underwear that bunches up, rides, sweats, and just plain out stinks, come down to Barnes Store, and grab a few pair of something that'll make you feel good 24/7!

Barnes Store – Our Men's Underwear is Made with Comfort You'll Love, and a Look Your Lady Will Love

Why did your lady choose to be with you? Because you're some slick-talking French Film expert? Not likely. Not if you're a Barnes Store regular. Your lady likely chose to be with you because you're the man she loves. The key word in that is “man.” Not beast. Not baby. But a masculine, no-nonsense, manly man. Your underwear should reflect who you are, and why she likes you. Whether you like hunting, working, fishing, or playing, you do it all hard. You need an underwear that will stay comfortable all day long, that won't pinch, won't stink, won't sweat, and won't make you regret buying it.

Men's Underwear for the Outdoor Enthusiast, Hunter, Fisher, Worker, and Southern Player – Barnes Store

You're a man, so you need Men's Underwear to be so durable, so reliable, that you'll never really have to think about it. Is it clean? Yep! Alright then, let's go! All of Barnes Store's Men's Underwear selections are soft, wrinkle-resistant, and comfortable to the touch. Whether you're wearing them right out of the box, or this is your 50th wash, your Barnes Store underwear will keep you moving, supported, and fully functional all day. In fact, our Men's Underwear is so great, you won't think about them until it's time to put on another pair! And your lady will love the fact that you look manly and rugged. She'll also love that you can stay clean, comfortable, and fully supported where you need it most. Get a new supply of Men's Underwear from Barnes Store online, or come on down to our Carrollton, GA store today! Barnes Store has everything you need to hunt, fish, work, and play – including all the best Men's Underwear, Thermals, and more!