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Bibs & Waders

Hunting Waders

For all the best Hunting Waders, Hunting Bibs, Camo Bibs, and more, nobody beats the selection and prices from your local Barnes Store. Come visit us today!

Barnes Store Carries All the Best Hunting Waders and Hunting Bibs You Need for Hunting Season!

In the entire West Georgia area, nobody does wet weather gear quite like the Carrollton, GA Barnes Store! Our people are avid hunters, fishers, and players who love living life in the great outdoors. Sometimes, like in Waterfowl Hunting or Trout Fishing, wetness is bound to happen regardless of the weather, time of year, or any other factors. If you love duck hunting, fishing, or just being outdoors near the water, you’re probably in need of a good pair of Waterproof Hunting Waders. Combined with our top-notch selection of Waterproof Jackets, Waterproof Boots or Gaiters, Waterproof Gloves, and any other Waterproof gear we carry, your new Hunting Waders from Barnes Store will keep you dry and happy the entire time you’re wading around in the water. Come see our amazing selection of Waterproof Hunting Gear and Waterproof Outdoor Clothing, and be prepared to tromp around in the Marsh, in deep Creeks, along the banks of your local ponds and lakes, or wherever you may roam. Stay dry and happy with a new set of Hunting Waders!

Planning to Get a Little Moist This Hunting Season? Get New Hunting Waders from Barnes Store!

Hunting Waders from your neighborhood Barnes Store can be used for Duck Hunting, Marsh Hen Hunting, or any other type of Waterfowl Hunting you enjoy. Whether you love Duck Hunting or Waterfowl Hunting in the great State of Georgia, or you like to venture outside the state for non-native birds, Barnes Store has the high-quality waterproof gear you’ve grown to love and trust. We carry a wide selection of Waterproof Coveralls for when you’re stuck working out in cold and wet situations. We carry Waterproof Jackets that help keep you warm and dry when you’re hunting in colder, wetter weather. We carry lightweight Waterproof Jackets for when you’re out in the rain, but the weather doesn’t warrant a big coat. We have waterproof shirts that are always popular with duck hunters, fishermen, or anyone who is going to be out in the great outdoors during rainy conditions, or who is going to be in marine environments for any period of time. But when you know for sure you’re going to be wading out in the water, nothing beats a good pair of Hunting Waders or a new Waterproof Hunting Bib from your neighborhood Barnes Store!

Looking to Hunt, Fish, Work, or Play in Water? Get a New Pair of Hunting Waders from Barnes Store!

It’s always fun to get outside, and do a little duck hunting, or trout fishing. It’s also necessary sometimes when you’re deer hunting to cross creeks and smaller rivers. But we know as well as anybody that Barnes Store customers like to do a lot more outside than Hunt & Fish. We know our folks like to Work & Play outdoors, too. A good pair of Hunting Waders could be useful in a lot of scenarios, including Skiing, Floodwater Rescue, and a whole host of other activities. When you hunt, fish, work, and play outdoors in rainy or wet conditions as much as we do, you’re bound to need Waterproof Gear like Hunting Waders, Hunting Bibs, Waterproof Boots, Gaiters, Waterproof Jackets, Waterproof Gloves, or more! Whatever you need for wet weather activity or waterbound hunting or fishing activities, Barnes Store has you covered!