Hunting & Camo

Hunting Clothes

For every season, in every type of weather, Barnes Store helps every man, woman, boy, and girl stay safe, protected, and stylish in our High-Quality Hunting Clothes.

At your favorite Carrollton Barnes Store, you’ll find all the Hunting Clothes you could ever want, under one roof! We have Hunting Clothes for every type of hunting, in any weather. Whether it’s deer season, duck season, wabbit season, or any other Hunting Season, Barnes Store has you covered. Hunting locally? Barnes has the layered hunting apparel you need for the volatile, unpredictable Georgia weather! Hunting up north? Barnes Store has everything you could need for Specialty Hunting in Cold, Bitter Weather. Men, Women, and Children of all ages find the Hunting Clothes they need at Barnes, at amazingly low prices! And so can you and your family! Come on down to Barnes Store in Carrollton, GA, or cruise our website to get a sneak peak of all the great Hunting Clothes that Barnes Store carries for your family!

Hunting Shirts

Every style of hunting shirt, for every season, that’s what you’ll find at Barnes Store. Find the perfect shirt for your best hunting season, ever!

Hunting Jackets

Whether you need lightweight, heavy-duty, waterproof, compartmentalized, or more, get your Hunting Jackets at Barnes Store!

Hunting Vests

If you’re layering up for warmth, or you just want extra storage and flexibility without restriction, Barnes Store has your next Hunting Vest.

Base Layers

When the mornings are crisp and the nights are cool, the right base layers can keep you warm and mobile.


When the wind is whipping, the right hunting facemask offers protection from the elements.

Camo, Camo, Camo

Barnes Store has wall-to-wall Camo in every style and cut. You can’t see it, but trust us, it’s there. And it’s waiting for you this season!

Scent Controlled Hunting Clothes

We all know what happens when game detects your presence. Conceal your scent with Scent-Controlled clothing from Barnes Store.

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

When it gets cold outside, you can keep warm with zip-up hunting hoodies and pullover sweatshirts from your friends at Barnes.


It’s hard to get a good hunt in without your lucky hunting hat. Get yours this year at Barnes Store.


Shooting Gloves? Insulated Gloves? Camo Gloves? Barnes Store has all the Hunting Gloves you need.

Eyewear & Glasses

Protect your eyes this year with a good pair of shooting glasses, or a new pair of polarized sunglasses.

Tactical Apparel

Whether you need conceal-carry shirts, tactical vests, military pants, or you want to go all out with Bush Camo, we have Tactical Apparel.

Coveralls and Overalls

When you want the convenience and protection of Hunting Coveralls or Overalls, Barnes Store has you covered. All over.

Blaze Orange Safety Gear

Safety is one of the most important ingredients in becoming a seasoned, responsible hunter. We have all the Blaze Orange you need.


A good pair of hunting boots is essential for a successful hunting season. Get the best pair of hunting boots you’ve ever had from Barnes.


Crossing creeks, rivers, and other wet terrain is much better with a good pair of Gaiters. Barnes has the water-resistant footwear you need.

Hunting Waders

If you’re duck hunting, hunting waders are a must. But any outdoor hunting activities might call for a good pair of hunting waders.

For all the hunting clothes you’re looking for, and everything else you need for your southern way of life, Barnes Store is here! Visit us in person, or check out our online inventory!